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Abandoning US-China diplomacy: cucumbers and the strength algorithm

Posted from: Beijing, China Couple of days ago, on my way back home, I walked past the old retired couple that live next door to me....

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Coronavirus: Part I – Fear and Community

Posted from: Los Angeles My flight left Beijing – where I’ve lived and worked and studied since the early 2000’s – for DC...


Saying Nothin’ but Thanks: Getting Back to Roots in the East Bay

Posted from: San Francisco, California One Valentine’s Day in the nascent months of World War II, and not long after the opening of...


Chasing Specters: Ghost Hunting in Beijing and a Long, Slow Ascent

Posted from: Beijing, China Wang Wei took me ghost-hunting last week, some famous haunt off of 3rd Ring Road, built and neglected by a Hong...


Spring Comes Early: New Directions and Netflix Man Candy

A few months after the divorce was final, in the early days of January, I spent a couple nights watching back-to-back auto industry...


Typhoons in Taiwan: from the Da’An Tea Gardens to the Yongchun Hills

Posted from: Taipei, Taiwan The national weather service tells me that Typhoon Chan-Hom is unlikely to make critical landfall near northern...

Urban exploring China Beijing: Abandoned army bar Lin Biao


Off the path and up the mountain: Beijing’s Abandoned 0498 Military Bar

Posted from: Beijing, China This is one of several pieces I did on urban exploration for now-defunct website Smart Beijing. Holed up in his...

Beijing Watermelon Museum: Beijing China Urban Exploration Travel


Disco disco: Day-tripping at the Beijing Watermelon Museum

Posted from: Beijing, China This is one of several pieces I did on offbeat urban tourism for now-defunct website Smart Beijing. I like...


VOX 10th Anniversary: A Jaunt Down to Wuhan

Wuhan, China I realized as I sat next to it with a bowl of reganmian that I’d never actually seen the Yangzi. It’s muddy. We...

Chinese App Design Patterns: Chinese UX Design Patterns


Comparative Color Saturation in Chinese vs. Western App Interfaces

Sometimes you have one of those conversations that’s so full of new ideas, it pinballs around your head for days. I enjoyed one of...